Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Type systems consisted of getting homework for the same done, and listening to Crary bash Haskell (more broadly, languages which are not CBV). I love listening to intelligent and belligerently opinionated people, as long as I remember to take their opinions with a grain of salt. Often they reveal what the important arguments are, even if they fail to convince me that their side of the argument will be (or should be) ultimately victorious.

KGB happened. Eh. It is seeming to be funny in a way I somehow don't find as funny, lately. Went back to the office. Played with abc tools some more instead of getting much work done, though I did read some papers on bunched logic. Trying to write music without a keyboard in front of me is hard. Though I haven't really hit any satisfying melodic ideas since "relmasxna i ara" anyway, ideal experimentation device or no ideal experimentation device. And even it was pretty simplistic, and satisfying in only a minimal-folksy-sort-of-way. Maybe I ought to hit up a library somewhere for composition theory.

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