Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Finished up at the Tartan. Somewhat frustrated. Brad for some reason is breathing down my neck about like actual comics quality and stuff. I could just print syndicates, sure, but... eh. Also apparently wants everything to be done by Saturday instead of Sunday. Maybe I should shove back deadlines, but it's not as if people pay that much attention to them anyway.

In the middle of the day, blocking on shades of manning, cdinwood dragged me to Phipp's. The whole random-things-being-free-admission-with-CMU-id deal is nice. I learned that Swiss Cheese comes from the Swiss Cheese Plant. Also went to Hillman and got more books. I currently have "Introduction to Typology", Catherine Neville's "The Eight", and Umberto Eco's "The search for the perfect language" checked out.

Did JM's at 2300. Everybody in the standard set actually showed up, despite it appearing at one point that only a few people would.

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