Jason (jcreed) wrote,


Dream, 0600: Someone wants to have me killed
so they have me thrown off a tall building,
only they actually don't. Then a man shoots
me (and the woman next to him is shocked
that he does, and he is after the act) only
I do not die, but the show going on fades
to black and I am now in a bus, and the nun
in the back of the bus is a mere cartoon
outline, with no face or features or
limbs, and the other people in the bus
slowly change to be cartoon-like and I
get out of the bus and the whole world
is becoming a cartoon except one woman,
unfamiliar, flat-chested and gothic in
appearance, walking casually down the side
of the road, actually in the road, not on the
sidewalk, walking unsteadily, but still a
photograph, still real, not a drawing, her I
fall on and then wake up.

Mmm, more KOR.

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