Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Slept in a bit. Wrote some more melodyish stuff onto the current song I've been working on. Having a keyboard around the house is really convenient. Thanks, lincoln3.

Went to the concert reading group after realizing it was happening today. Kevin spent a good forty minutes doing general what-is-LF stuff, (which I imagine was helpful for the other couple of first-years in the room) and then got into a paper of deBruijn's. The idea of a lambda-typed lambda-calculus (where the distinction between pi and lambda binders is erased) is kind of wacky. I will have to investigate further. Apparently it is a property of practically all of the AUTOMATH dialects, so I'm tending to think it's a pretty important thing from a historical perspective. Some conversation with cdinwood later.

Oh, yeah, I guess I skipped all the IC stuff today. Oops. I should go to stuff on Monday, though.

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