Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Kaj nek la unu nek la alia? Trovi oniajn plej malbonajn timojn kaj samtempe oniajn plej sekretajn esperojn, cxiujn pruvitaj pravaj per unu tempero? Esti lasita kun nenia povo per kiu aux ami aux amari? La plej strangan senton kiun mi cxiam ajn konis...

At least my brain has returned to more or less normal functioning, and things have an explanation, and I have learned several valuable lessons the hard way. Or at least I hope I have learned them now, after learning them all a second time. It's funny that people are so concerned about not repeating, say, their parent's mistakes (or at least I think it's funny how concerned I am some times) or the mistakes or faults of people around them that they perceive, and how ineffective they can be at failing to repeat their own, even when as blatantly obvious.

Ne kredu ke la gxuste maniero igi sxin felicxa estas esti malfelicxa simpatie!
Ne supozigu vin ke vi sciias kion sxi deziras!
Ne, ne, ne evitu diri al sxi kiel kare, kiel urgxe vi volas sxin ami gxis monatoj poste!

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