Jason (jcreed) wrote,

The Grad Orientation Machine started up its gears and belts and whirring engines today. There were some IC talks so high-level as to be almost content-free, but they weren't so bad. However, I do not really need to hear (and I suspect neither does any of the other grad students that have already chosen the CMU CS PhD program) one more time that (i) computers are really keen things for doing amazing stuff (ii) CMU is hella interdisciplinary (iii) CMU is really keen.

Also went to KGB, which was amusing. Old people, new people, people in between. And tomczak did a frighteningly accurate imitation of cclark. Went back and caught the tail end of the picnic.

Finished "Hero with a thousand faces". Lost a few games to gnugo. Did JM's half-price. Actually ate the whole thing this time. I really don't know what's up with my appetite.

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