Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Slept in a bit. Went to silly Tartan meeting. Thankfully they are getting rid of the concept of everyone-who-is-an-editor-of-any-damn-thing-is-supposed-to-write-editorial-essays-occasionally and forming like an honest-to-god editorial board. I'm glad I never had to write any.

Played go and boggle with platypuslord. I still lost at go to him, but much more respectably. I actually did some vaguely useful tactical things, and took a big group of his, but he just ended up surrounding more territory. Got calzones for dinner since it was raining out. L&C's overcharged me a dollar for pepperoni as if the coupon did not specify two one-topping calzones. Either that or they changed the coupon deal thing.
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