Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I really don't know what to do. I don't want to go to this conference. I have zero, repeat zero, interest and motivation remaining to deal with trying to think about, further study, and/or prepare a talk about this particular problem. I don't feel like I really care that intensely about ATP that much in general, which is what the conference is about. I don't want to give up three more days of the first summer in quite a while (and probably last in quite a while as well) of more-or-less freedom. I don't want to get my car's various minor ailments cured. I don't want to drive alone for N hours down to Virginia. (I really probably should just sell the car) There's a huge heap of things on the why-I-don't-want-to go, and essentially two on the why-I-should: I already paid registration, and, well, just the vague feeling that I should go having once wanted to. But I really don't now. It was a crappy paper, written in haste as I was getting ready to go to Cedar point last spring, full of confusion and annoyance. Arrg. Frank recently asked me to stop by his office some time to talk about the paper/talk and its contents and stuff. I am afraid of just going in there and saying "hi, I just don't care about this problem any more, what should I do?"

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