Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Yet more category theory model solution progress. Up to halfway through assignment 7. Except for a bit of the the annoying last problem from assignment 6. I can't think of a nice clean way of presenting the answer. Arg. Anyway. Had some lunch. Read some more of "Reaper Man". Sat at home and waited for the maintenance guy to come around, who didn't. Strange. There's a guy and four or five girls next door sawing and sanding bits of wood. Not sure why.

Some people need to lay off the pipe.
Gzb is pretty neat, though. The author is a fluent esperantano, and uses some devices inspired by, but definitely different from E-o counterparts.

I discovered that no fewer than 4 words are reborrowings into English (through various stages of development of French between the 14th and 17th centuries) of the Latin gentilis, which has the incredibly specific meaning of "of a particular kind or family": gentile, gentle, genteel, and jaunty.

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