Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Woke up. Went to campus. Did category theory stuff. As the self-imposed deadline of 11:50 approached, I got more and more efficient. Weird how time pressure works on my brain. At that time called guy with washer/dryer, met up with him, gave him the check, went back to wean and did some more category theory. Finished up assignment 4. Went to Oakland, got Arby's. Mmm, big montana. Went back home. Ate Arby's. Put together one of Adam's tables. I think I may have not screwed in the screws well enough. It's still kind of wobbly. Went back to Wean. Read more of "Reaper Man", which I bought yesterday on impulse. Met tom, adam, charlie smart. Had a hot dog at PDC. Pretty good, actually. May have to go back there. Got tom's van, dropped charlie off, lugged the washer and dryer out of the guy's basement. On the way back home (at which said equipment was unloaded) I got a call from dvarin reminding me that sorta kinda D&D maybe started like a half-hour ago or something. Oops. Grabbed snack food from home and went back to the UC. Kevin hadn't quite shown up either, so at least I wasn't holding things up too much. Everybody showed up by 8, and we got done around 10, except for the m4d lootin'. Dan livened up at this point.

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    Played some more Shenzhen I/O. The later puzzles are getting straight up hard. Had some fun optimizing the earlier ones, though.

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