Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Finished moving. Mostly moved adam's stuff thanks to tom's van. It took two trips. Adam really has a lot of shit. But some of it is very high quality shit. Lunched at the Onion Grill, and took a trip out to Robinson Towne Center again and plowed through Toys-R-Us, Ikea, and CostCo. It was my first Ikea experience. What a wacky place. It really does feel like that scene from "Fight Club". I didn't buy much - just a chair and ice-cube tray at Ikea, and some bulk toilet paper at CostCo. Tom and adam got all sorts of more shit. Video games, food items, clothing, bedspreads, lights. Very tired now - sleep was sketchy last night due to extreme hotness upstairs. I think I will try to get away with cracking windows open tonight and hope not too many bugs come in.
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