Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Fairfax apparently wants me moved out already; got a note under my door yesterday. Crashing at the bridge house for now. Waking up in a different house than usual after sleeping in my clothes does weird things to my head. The last time I did it was probably the time I crashed at Pete's house in Madison after staying up until like 3 or 4 playing poker rather than driving home... The morning after doing this always seems more real, more bright, somehow.

...and I wasted a couple of hours in the evening writing a little scripty thing that allows command-line programs to act as bridge strategies, and adjucates the game and so forth. Not so much that I'm actually pursuing writing bridge AI or anything, but just that I would like to be able to formalize some of what I'm learning about bidding and play and so forth and be able to have some statistical sense of what effects changing strategies by certain deltas has, how frequently corners of the bidding tree get used, etc. Truly this is the summer of my corruption. Linguistics, bridge, and RPGs. I do believe I was a computer scientist once...

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