Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Today I moved most of my stuff over to Adam's place on Beeler (being as how I need to be completely evacuated some time before August 1st and can only move into 5330 Beeler some time after the 1st) It took 1 hour, 15 minutes, not counting all the packing time. Moving with multiple people carrying shit and a big van isn't that bad, I guess.

We (Adam Goode, tom7, and I) went to the (vaguely) new CostCo out in Robinson Towne Center after that. For a limited time they are offering a new 1-year membership for free, so we all got one each. Lots of really bulk food and stuff there. Pretty impressive. They even had a little food stand built in, which offered a refillable drink and Hebrew National all-beef hotdog for a mere $1.50. Quite tasty.

Dan ran another paranoia game today. There were a couple of spots which dragged a little, but in hindsight, the main puzzle had at least three obvious solutions. At least effective for someclones. All in all quite amusing and fun. I always like the bullshitting rationalization for misfilled-in forms, anyway.

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