Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Argh, I woke up again last night (this morning) at 4 and couldn't get back to sleep before the sun came up. Slept a fitful hour or so after that. I dreamt that kaustuv was a zombie. Prophetic, clairvoyant, both, or neither: you be the judge. Got up and showered, still half-asleep. The shower's drain in this apartment clogs very easily. Need to buy more Dran-O-like stuff.

Some waffles and sugar helped with the awakeness a bit. Still mostly sat around and tried to read the silly introductory notes and stuff of the Plena Ilustrita Vortaro just to prove to myself that I was still capable of higher brain function. I learned that registri has some overtones lacking in my english understanding of "register".

Stumbled over to campus. Played the piano for a while. A sus4 over a couple of the chords out of Karma Police sounds nice.

Had a spontaneous, very depressing, but brief conversation with Nell and Eva wossname concerning anime viewing habits. At least no one among us writes fanfic. Ran into lmarsh (or should I say, theadana) for lunch. Oof. Just kidding. Total weather insanity! So hot out. Drinkable air.

Got a very little bit of thinking done about the irrelevance/unification stuff done. Need to clean up TPHOLs paper before the 5th. Did the NYT crossword with tom7 and cdinwood. Bought some new pens. Wandered over to the bridge house and played some Set and Ricochet Robot. And even bridge later, with shiue and rmitz. Somehow I seem to be managing to get even less good at playing over time. Arg. Or at least I am becoming ever more unsure about every move I make.

Went to Uncle Sam's. Thereafter Geagle. I now have enough waffles to last me 8.5 days at standard consumption rate of 4/day. Peak rates of 8/day are not unknown, however. Also bananas. Will experiment with banana/waffle fusion.

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