Jason (jcreed) wrote,

The end of a week is not a good time to commence an antisocial wander-around-campus-and-adjoining-suburbs mood, since the weekend de facto makes it less likely to bump into people to snap one out of it.

Got some laundry done in the morning. By which I mean before about 3:00. Still wading through Plena Manlibro de Esperanta Gramatiko in the interim. A bit tedious in places, but I think that's just my fault for thinking that reading a grammar textbook cover-to-cover should be exciting - apart from my eta griping, it's very thorough and well-written. I think I've thoroughly alienated most my friends with this my latest obsession. I suspect they find the category theory schtick more amusing, even though it looks, for all practical purposes, just as much like a foreign language as an actual one. Except it also has diagrams. Hmm. If only... No.

Ate a midafternoon meal at the Union Grill. However pathetic it is to go to a sit-down restaurant all by yourself, it's very streamlined. Show up, "table for one, please", sit down, wait two minutes, "yes, I know what I want to order", "burgerbaconcheddarmedium-wellwafflefries", receive drink and soon thereafter food, eat, "check, please", pay cash, leave.

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