Jason (jcreed) wrote,


Saw "Being John Malkovich" in McConomy.
Very fucked up movie.
I wonder:
John Cusack's character <=> Id ("Right hand, left breast! Now! Do it!")
Lotti <=> Superego ("This is so -right-!")
Malkovich <=> Ego ("Malkovich Malkovich?")
(But then where does Maxine fit in? I think the only time she
was in Malkovich's head was when Lotti was trying to kill her...)
(And there's sort of a self-referential apology where Lester
is described as entertaining once you get past how disgusting
he is, which is an apt description of the movie... or possibly
of Freudian psychology, heh)
(Like the movie is crazy because there are so many crazy people
packed into it, like Lester is crazy because there's so many
people packed into his head, (and growing with each 'generation'!)
like perhaps everyone is crazy because we really don't have
a coherent -identity-, a single self which knows what's going
on and what it wants and controls our behavior single-handedly,
but rather we are just collections of competing needs and
wants and thoughts... (Of course, I don't necessarily -believe-
any of this, but it seems to be what the movie is getting at,
sort of))

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