Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Finished La eta princo. Also finished up Don Harlow's The Esperanto Book, or at least what of it there is available right now.

Am getting in a way-too-irritable-and-flamey mood about this "under God" ruling. The NYT editorial today on that subject really irked me. Is prayer in school really a big deal, and this is not? (n.b: I am totally for laxity concerning students voluntarily excercising their beliefs on school grounds, and generally against religious, or for that matter, explicitly anti-religious wording in such explicitly governmentally relevant readings as the pledge. Why are these two beliefs apparently split across the Democratic and Republican parties? I feel like I'm having a uncharacteristically liberal point of view for me to have, but I sense that being permissive of prayer in schools per se is supposed to be conservative or something.)

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