Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Mi reenamiĝas kun esperanto.
A funny thing to say about a language, but it's weird: I find myself automatically translating words in my everyday thoughts back and forth just to see if I can. It's like a game, a way of forcing myself to think about what I say far more precisely and use consciously and deliberately this unfamiliar tool of expression. It seems like I should enjoy equally well learning any other foreign language, but I haven't in the past; esperanto seems to lack a lot of the drudgery of natural languages, though, so the burden on my memory is the largely the interesting parts of language: shades of meaning of roots, sentence structure, compound word formation. There certainly are still warts and irregularities, but the the relative simplicity of its structure - how many more things I need only learn once and for all - shines through.
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