Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Made the loaned chair/borrowed dish drainer exchange today finally. Wasted a large portion of the day playing "Robot Odyssey", an old Apple IIe game which was sort of a sequel to "Rocky's Boots", which I played in elementary school. Shit, I thought rocky's boots was cool. Robot Odyssey is a really sophisticated game, way too hard for me to just sit down and try to play even now. You are supposed to make little logic gates to drive robots to solve various insidious puzzles so that you can escape from Robotropolis or some such. In fact the game naturally supports all manner of delay lines and gates and flip flops and so forth and has a little "chip burner" utility to teach young children the value of modularity. I managed to build a chip that could detect short and long pulses in a signal so that one robot could tell another one to move left or right by broadcasting a time-varying signal of the right frequency. It didn't solve any puzzle in the game, but it made me happy.

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