Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Went to the game store in squill with various people and looked around at stuff. I didn't get anything, but cdinwood got a copy of Set. Did some grocery shopping also.

In the evening saw Proof again downtown. Such a great play. The tension between Catherine and her sister in the early scenes works so well. It's amazing how often the phrase "Are you sure?" came up. I was a little disappointed by the lack of a beat after one line that was present in the Broadway showing I saw.
"You're in a good mood."
"Why shouldn't I be?"
"I'm leaving soon."
"I know."
In the broadway version there was grinning during and a pause after "I know." :)

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    Guy from Seattle team we've been working with showed up today at work; no matter how much I'm generally comfortable working with remote teams (and I…

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    Didn't sleep well. Long day of work. Dinner with akiva at hanamichi.

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    Sean's back in town --- good fun working with nonremote teammates.

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