Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Woke up nineish and moved a final couple of loads over to Fairfax. I hate the "oh, and that too" phase of moving. The only worse part is the "now which the hack box did I put that in" part that comes later. Anyway, finished up and relaxed for a while.

I ran into cdinwood and helped a very little with her moving as well; I dragged a monitor down to the curb. Cleaned out the fridge and cabinets in my room and came back down to just miss nickjong picking up her and christine moving in the direction of the beeler house.

Got some uncle sam's and went back to wean to play with illustrator some more. Fun, fun. Collided with cdinwood again on the way out of that and was convinced to go to charlie garrod's sushi party thing. It was a fun bit of social activity and I wound up eating (rice and and fried egg) after all. Also while there I found that dr4b and eub had a fallow futon that they were willing to let me have. So after leaving charlie's we picked that up from their apartment and dropped it off at fairfax.
I have a thing to sleep on now, whee.

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