Jason (jcreed) wrote,


SCS breakfast was sort of amusing. Lots of saing hi and congratulations to people, but I felt really sick and tired, and the food was all fancy and stuff, ick.

Commencement was really freaking cold, and then it rained, and then it was cold some more, followed by a brief moment of sunshine, then cold, and finally RAIN. Graduation gowns retain an annoying amount of water. And the huge crowd of people totally clogged up the UC entrance. Tom Ridge' speech made me squirm a bit. Some people seemed to be trying to protest it or something, but I couldn't hear what they were saying. Ridge seemed to have a good attitude about it, though - he made some comment about the 1st amendment. Got some O food again, met parents, and walked over to Carnegie Music Hall for the diploma ceremony. Dad had to leave early because he got tickets assuming things didn't run like an hour and a half late like they did. Graduation ceremony was pretty cool. So many great people leaving! Sad.

Came back to morewood, packed with the help of sisters and mom, moved shit over to fairfax thanks to tom7 in like two hours. Tom's van is the max spacious!

Later watched Chobits and an ep of FMP with martin, pete, nell, carl, dan, and kaustuv. One last anime day. Still got a little more moving left to do tomorrow. Manageable, I hope.

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