Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Decided to hack up the TPHOLs B paper this morning after all at Frank's suggestion. Went to the concert reading group meeting. Kaustuv talked about bunched logic. Got food at the Black Friday TG after that. My mom and sisters got into town
around 16:00, so I met up with them at the Shadyside Inn and waited for dad and pete's parents to show up. They eventually did and we all went out to Union Grill for dinner at 20:30ish. Came back to the lounge and revised and submitted the TPHOLs paper some minutes before the midnight deadline.

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    Extremely unproductive sleepy day, which was therefore very fruitful as a vacation day.

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    Boo I am a halloween grinch, the streets are full of Youths underfoot. Mostly didn't need to deal with it too much since we had some leftovers for…

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    Oof halloween. Park Slope is kind of a clusterfuck --- tried going down there for dinner, my usual favorite Italian place was all booked up. Had a…

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