Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Cedar Point trip today. Most Adjective Road Trip Ever!

I'm sure dr4b's entry will be more complete, but I will toss in my perspective.

I got maybe three hours of sleep the night before, due to raging abdominal distress. Got up around 7ish, showered, waited for Nick to call. Finally called his house and found out he had slept in a bit. He showed up pretty quickly and we picked up Dee and found out Carl wasn't coming. Though it would have been nice to have him along, the car was less crowded than it would have been with five people in it. The trip out to Sandusky was pretty uneventful, and we got a nice selection of music thanks to Martin.

Got into Cedar Point 12:30ish. I skipped out on some of the coasters due to various factors including (i) wussness (ii) having to stash my backpack somewhere and (iii) my good friend, raging abdominal distress. I still went on like five coasters, including a two-car wooden coaster, the Gemini, sort of like Kennywood's Racers (though Gemini wasn't Moebius-like). There were also several silly little things like the bumper cars and driving-car-on-a-track and the ferris wheel. I really had a lot of fun, I think quite a bit more than anyone thought I did. It was really a nice way to spend a day with some of my favorite people at CMU before they leave.

The adventure started after we tried to leave. Nick's car got a flat tire a little bit outside of the park. Some really nice park employees stopped by and helped us get the spare on and gave advice about getting into town and getting the tire fixed and so on. Unfortunately it was late enough that no tire places were open, so it looked like we were going to have the spend the night. It turned out even getting food after 22:00 was almost impossible; we went through a Cracker Barrel, Max & Erma's, Ruby Tuesday's, KFC, Chi-Chi's, and a Wendy's before finding a McDonald's that was open until 23:00. "Thank you for choosing McDonald's." "Uh, it was our seventh choice."

While trolling around for a hotel, we found a day's inn, a goodyear tire place, and a mall all right next to each other. At some point it occurred to Dee that tomorrow (at this point about an hour away) was May 16th. The Ep II opening day. Some phone calls by Nick later, we discovered there was a theater in town playing the movie... at 12:05... in the Sandusky Mall... "is that across from a Day's Inn?" "Yes." *click*

And they weren't sold out, either. We got there about a half-hour early and played suicide spades. There were assloads of previews. The only really entertaining one was the first, for the Matrix sequels.

I enjoyed the movie, but still feel strangely guilty for doing so, as if I had eaten a huge candy bar and rationalized away feeling sick afterwards. The dialogue was pretty corny, and the love story/anakin turning evil aspects were clumsy, but there were so many scenes that involved Jedi Kicking Ass. And I just find it entertaining to watch Jedi Kicking Ass.

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