Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Research Irrelevance

Got my research poster thingy all Adobe Illustrator'ed up. I have to say, it's been a long time since I used Illustrator (and it has a frustrating interface at times) but I think it's a really neat program in terms of what you can get it to do given enough effort and fiddling-detail expertise. About the only thing I wanted to do that seemed like there wasn't any way to do it except for a total kludge was doing a gradient with an alpha channel. Making a box and gaussian blurring it worked all right, but it kept getting in the way of other things.

The poster itself is a bit of a joke. I barely squeezed in a half-sentence about what I actually have been working on the last academic year in the midst of 32"x40" of material bringing the viewer up to speed on what proof irrelevance is and why it might be useful for PCC. On the other hand, I am kind of happy with the way it turned out visually, despite my grumbling about it during its production. Key features contributing to its sucking-less-than-expected, I conjecture: Limiting the number of different hues used (five), doing the same for the number of fonts (two if you count tombats7), nice muted low-saturation high-brightness modern pastels, making colors mean something as often as possible (purple=program, blue=proof, green=irrelevant proof), big chunky-10pt-outline iconic graphics (giant red eks and giant green checkmark in the background of text describing something bad or good, respectively), and staggering text and graphics in a sort of checkerboard-like way. Oh, and I can't mention tom7-fonts enough. I like epilog and colophon a lot. Crazy enough to give text a bit of character, but still legible. Good stuff.

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