Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Woke up this morning hazily thinking about music synthesis and my underutilized Wacom tablet. A vision suddenly popped into my head of presenting some sort of complicated two-dimensional thing to the user where subsets of it correspond to note/timbre settings, such that the note attribute is decidedly -not- simply derived from the (x,y) coordinates. For instance, it's not just x => frequency y => squarewaveness. Instead some smallish patch might mean C4, and some patches next to it might be Eb4 and C3 and Bb3 and whatever, so that, say, blues riffs in the current chord would be conveniently accessible as straight-line drags of the pen. The picture and tone layout could then change with the chord progression, or continuously somehow, or whatever. Still a hazy idea, but it could be kind of neat.

Tartan stuff got done pretty reasonably fast. Much, much grade D this week.

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