Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Skipped Physics lecture because I had no clean laundry, and couldn't get up in time to do it before class. Talked to Russ Walker about the double degree thing - looks like it should work out fine, even though I'm pretty late in dealing with it. Went to the theory lunch. Something about triangulations and "nice" meshes and so forth. Yet another case where the "easy" algorithm is O(n^2) and the "hard" algorithm is O(n log n). Such a pervasive thing in algorithms, it seems. Met with Frank. Discussed more random general things than research in particular, since I haven't got much done lately aside from writing-up. Frank was mentioning evan chang and trurl's grad school decision dilemmas. I tried to explain livejournal to Frank to account for how I already knew about the latter's situation.

Still need to get category theory grading and taxes done soon.

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