Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Finally a somewhat productive day.

I'm up to about three pages of decent introductory prose with the senior thesis outline/extended abstract thing. It's beginning to look less like an outline and more like I'm trying to write the actual thesis. Oh well. That needs to get done eventually anyway.

I was having network problems on wireless in Wean (which may have explained why I was getting work done :) but Scott Crosby managed to figure out that my problem was that packets bigger than 476 (???) bytes were being dropped, and told me a way of futzing with my routing tables to fix it.

Went over to dr4b and eub's apartment for the first time and watched Kevin Smith movies. Eli has a whole bunch of fun music hardware. I feel reassured that I have chosen friends wisely when their dwellings are populated by soooo many books.

Got some dinner at Union Grill with Drew and Ben Kane.

Came back to morewood and on a whim recorded a bunch of piano playing. My microphone kind of sucks (or maybe it's the connection to the laptop) but I think things might be salvagable with a decent noise reduction filter or something. Listening to myself play on a recording after the fact sounds so different than just hearing music while I'm playing it. Mmmm, 'house of the rising sun'. chords. so. tasty.

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