Jason (jcreed) wrote,

This day not here right now, try again later.

Wow. It's really amazing what happens to my sense of time when I sleep in.

I was up until like 3:00am last night. Woke up, looked at my alarm clock, saw that it said 8:30, and felt immediately after knowing what time it was incredibly fatigued. Finally got up about 11:45, showered, put some laundry in, did laundry really lazily. Around 2:00 it was done, and Norm and I went to Sam's in Oakland for lunch. I did a bit of shopping afterwards - got a microphone at Radio Shack for some max lo-fi real-time audio hacking. Wandered around campus for a while looking for a piano, but every one that I knew of in the academic buildings was locked up or in use. I gave up and walked over to Mudge. Got everthing hooked up and played around for a while. Found a library called PortAudio which provides a nice callbacky interface to realtime synth and effects programming. I'm still not convinced it's impervious to accumulating latency, but it works pretty well. Got hungry again, and went to subway. Finished eating, and it was 11:00pm. Scary. I guess I must have been in mudge longer than I thought.
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