Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Back in pgh living the usual scene again.

Meeting with Frank was delayed slightly since he wanted to go to this talk. I sat in on it four about 40 minutes and left annoyed because the speaker never significantly moved beyond one point, that "good stories need conflict somehow."

Meeting with Frank went okay. Discussed various stuff technical and non. Have some better ideas for an example of irrelevance being useful with representation, outside of representing strictness in twelf.

Went to free pizza at 4:30 at a meeting about starting an undergraduate research journal at CMU. Good idea, but it looks like weak execution. Problems: metooism with respect to other universities' undergrad publications; copyright assignment policy seems unfair; overemphasis on accessibility of journal material to other undergraduates; token concern for multidisciplinarity in requirement that each issue contains at least one article from each college at CMU, as if the college division was somehow natural.

Spent the rest of the night doing category theory grading mostly.

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