Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Random faculty talks today. Bob Constable
talked about *PRL stuff, predictably, and there
was some theory and systems stuff. I got
some individual talks with Greg Morissett (Cyclone
stuff, really cool) Dexter Kozen (something about
an algebraic structure subsuming an equational
theory of regular expressions and a boolean algebra)
and Constable (More *PRL).

Lunch was at "the nines", a pizza place. Ah, good
boring food at last.

Also I sneaked back into the graphics lab after lunch
and played with the 3-wall CAVE they had a bit. Really

More random talks before dinner. Time really flies
at these things. Dinner was at "coyote loco",
a Mexican place a few minutes driving off campus.
It was snowing at this point such that
the car actually spun out at an intersection
and almost got stuck. But we got there
all right and I got a quesadilla con pollo. Quite
tasty. Evan and I were at the same table again despite
our best efforts to not have CMU people in the same
place. We chatted further about the whole grad school
decision process.

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