Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Went to more open house stuff in the morning, missing physics. Jeanette Wing gave an overview, Rudich gave his "Euclid, ... Feynmann to you" talk again (I already essentially heard it in 15-251 and when he guest-lectured in Quantum Comp., but at this point it's like watching a favorite movie for the Nth time :) Between them Brighten whipped out the Set deck. I didn't too badly, but Brighten decidedly won.

Went to Peter Lee's talk. He gave a really decent explanation of the Curry-Howard Isomorphism without saying "Curry", "Howard", or "Isomorphism". Lenore Blum had an acronym-filled talk after that, which I ducked out of because I thought there was going to be a ConCert reading group meeting, but in fact it's not until next week. So, chatted with people for a while, and went back to morewood to try to find the sheet that was supposed to have some more information about scheduling of individual talks, but I couldn't find it.

Decided to get the usual chicken at the O and went to the lounge. There I was quickly roped into Twilight Imperium. A friend of alisag's named Cap was unfortunately seated between Brian Railing and me. I had a whole shitload of cards that prevented Cap from moving for two turns consecutively, which severly impaired his expansion. Later Brian and I did a one-two punch much like the one applied to Dan Blandford in the last game I played by me and whitemage. Maybe I'm not really cut out for these games, since I feel so guilty for stabbing people like that.

Eh. In any event, I won the game, though it was essentially a tie between me and Brian, with dr4b very close behind.

Around 7 everyone in the lounge headed to the O for food and thereafter to Capture the Stuff with the Other Stuff. Played one game (our team won, but I didn't have much to do with it) and hung out in 8427 with various people after.

Went back to morewood and chatted with cdinwood and hacked on the piano for a while.

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