Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Follow the damn parrot...

Did the proof irrelevance ConCert talk. Still a long way from being satisfied, but went better than the senior thesis talk, largely due to audience change.

Went to the CMU open house dinner thing.
It was cool to say hi to Ryan Williams again, and see Qi Su, and talk to some CMU faculty I had never really bumped into too substantially, like Roger Dannenberg.

Orthogonal to any reputation Randy Pausch may have as a professor, he is a really solid speaker. He gave the after-dinner talk about BVW and other things he's done. I really need to start taking mental notes on good presentation, visual, speaking etc. tactics.
The subject line was just something he said during the the talk: Disney engineers were trying to force people to take advantage of the fact that, in a head-mount, you can look all around. Apparently in practice people (trained on TV and movies) don't. So they had Iago from Aladdin say "Hey! follow me!" and go off frame and people -still- wouldn't look right. Randy said something to the effect of "sheesh, you think they'd just follow the damn parrot."

Didn't eat much there because the food was nonappealing. Ended up ordering a L&C duo to the lounge and hacking a bunch on ML SDL stuff. It looks more practical now than before, especially since I know how to tell MLton to compile several files at once.

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