Jason (jcreed) wrote,

First full day in princeton.
I woke up around 10:00, and took a shower. The water pressure
was kind of annoyingly high, but I've rarely had a hotel shower
I really liked.

Met up with some princeton grad students and faculty and headed
across the street to an italian place. I got the canonical
Chicken Parm, which was according to the menu done as a
sandwich. Even though I asked about nuts, it came with
pasta with pine-nut-containing pesto on it. They were decent
about fixing that, though.
The "sandwich" nature of the dish turned out to consist just
of putting both of the chicken breasts on a bread-like substance
that got a little soggy under all the marinara. It was
still pretty tasty.

After lunch we got a tour of the campus, led by some random
preppy-looking undergrad. It was really freaking windy and
hence somewhat cold. The tour was really more targeted at
people wanting to go to Princeton for undergrad.

The tour wound up after a while, and we headed back into
the student center for hot beverage. Mmm, tea.

We then met up with the Daves, one of them being the familiar
Dave Walker. They were there to accompany us in a van to Philly
where dinner and a play were waiting for us. I had some interesting
conversation with Dave Walker about various goings-on in the
programming languages world.

Dinner was supposed to be at this Moroccan restaurant. My food-
allergy paranoia being what it was again, I excused myself and
grabbed some food at the Pizzeria Uno down the street instead.
Once back at the Moroccan place there was much chatting, so much
so that we were fifteen minutes late to the play, where they
had since resold our seats to people on a waiting list. So,
no luck with that plan. Subsequently we stood around outside
shivering, discussed what to do next, followed by more standing
outside while we waited for the van to get back, which proceeded
to take us back to Princeton. From my point of view, at least,
it was an N-hour trip to Philly to buy a pizza. Woo.

Once back in Princeton one of the grad students showed us around
the grad dorm. It seems awfully weird to still be living in on-campus
housing as a grad student, but eh. With that finally over,
we were dropped off at the hotel and I figured I'd get some sleep.

...just as soon as I futzed with the laptop a bit, anyway.
I wrote a quick hack to calculate rule 110 histories, since
combinator has been talking about Wolfram's book
coming out soon. It looks like the typical (period-7) "background
noise" tends to appear naturally in different phases.

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