Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Got a bunch of research hacking done today, and then went to the CMU Jazz Ensemble concert. Everyone was there! See dr4b's post about it.

There was a cute girl sitting near Anthony and Neal and during intermission I went over and asked Anthony if it was the "infamous Leslie from Pitt News", meaning Leslie Hoffman I think, (but I wasn't actually positive about her last name) because she looked sort of like the picture that Neal had showed me before. She turned out not to be, which was disappointing as far as my amusement was concerned, but additionally Anthony seemed shocked at my choice of words, insisting that that sort of usage would have been "destructive" had that actually been Leslie and had Neal been there. I found that kind of strange since I would consider myself being referred to as infamous as a (probably humorous) compliment if anything, but I don't suppose I should be surprised other people might not. :)

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