Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I guess I have watched all three debates for whatever reason. I have as an axiom in the back of my head to generally distrust statements of the form "omg this is so unlike every other time this has happened!" when I don't have enough personal experience or historical context to be confident about such a statement --- and yet this does still seem like a surreal, incomparable, bizarre electoral contest.
Tags: politics

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    I doubt any of the 5+/-2 people still reading this need to be encouraged to vote. One more day. Fingers crossed.

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    I know some people (rightly) hate long video recommendations but I seriously sat through all 49 minutes 26 seconds of this unedited interview by…

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    I found in my andrew webspace this thing that I made in 2004: 2008 so sounded like oh man, the future then.

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