Jason (jcreed) wrote,

We got our little experiment kits in Physics II this morning. I'm a little paranoid about the magnet provided and how close it gets to my laptop HD. Oh well. No problems so far. :)

Went to lambda calculus, which let out early because the infamous Andrej Bauer was visiting to give a talk, titled "Not not to be or not to be". It was a nice summary of his research in realizability theory, which naturally obeys an intuitionistic logic. Dana Scott got up at the end and gave a sort of rebuttal to the density of category theoretic concepts in the work. Amusing.

Later tom7, neal and I went to see "Waking Life" in McConomy. Fantastic visually, and fairly thought-provoking.

Messed around on the piano a bit. Hacked around on a moderately interesting Pachelbel-ish chord progression: C G Bb F Am Em F G

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