Jason (jcreed) wrote,

More things to add to the "chord progressions that aren't cliches-I-already-know-about nonetheless covertly appearing in multiple places" file.

Here's a thing I've seen Ben Folds do twice: I-vi-bVII-V. Don't know how to analyze why this sounds so good, except I guess the root moves down by a minor third twice, kind of like how in I-V-bVII-IV it moves down by a fourth twice.
In "The Luckiest" it pauses on the bVII for a beat:
v link goes here                    
| D Bm C    C       | G G7/F D A |
| I vi bVII bVII    | V V7   I V |
  fact...       now I know...

And in "Don't Change Your Plans" it's the main 4-chord theme, which the intro and chorus consist almost entirely of, and the verse uses it a lot, too, with some extra bits on the end:
v link goes here                    
| A F#m G    E |
| I vi  bVII V |
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