Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I had already been meaning to dig into JaneSt's "Incremental" library, which bills itself as a practical implementation (in ocaml) of the ideas in Umut Acar's thesis, but this talk about it by Ron Minsky just blew me away. Now I'm really interested.

And a meta-comment on the structure of the talk:
I really like that it's a simple-to-complicated tour through the various versions of the library, justifying design decisions along the way, similar to the design documentation in the Q promises library. By contrast, I'm usually impatient at the way QFT is taught as "here are the historically occurring 12 wrong things we thought about physics that led us to the current theory", and while trying to figure out why my opinions differ there, I think it might be because systems-that-humans-design differ from physical-systems-that-humans-try-to-figure-out. Not sure.
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