Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Did up the usual practice/jam session with the band and ate lunch at Uncle Sam's in squill after. We had a very productive session in terms of getting a bunch of songs polished a bit more. The chords to the "stalker song" (nobody's figured out a better name) are really growing on me.

Mostly I just hung around the CS lounge all day since then. My mom called and said I got accepted to Princeton with some sort of fellowship application included or something.

I've been trying to get a little research work done since things quieted down some. Still chipping away at the pattern unification paper and understanding the twelf source better. At the very least I can read through the parts of the Twelf user's manual now and understand the sections involving strict definitions much better than I would have a year ago. A recent discovery: TpRecon.hastype is for explicit type ascription, not the more general use of the colon in declarations.
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