Jason (jcreed) wrote,

He's lost his shpadoinkle!

Physics II was ultra-exciting this morning as usual. We had a quiz. I had to do -- make sure you're sitting down -- an integral involving -- read no further if you are pregnant or have a heart condition -- trigonometric functions.

Got some quick lunch at the O and headed over to the meeting of the ConCert reading group, which seems to have been organized by Kevin Watkins. The paper was about a language called Moby, which seems to have had some pretensions to the title of "New Standard" ML. It was fairly confusing to me, mostly because I don't know that much about objects in PL theory. Nonetheless, it had some interesting ideas, teasing out some of the distinctions hidden in the way that C++ and Java so coarsely clump together various namespace and access control mechanisms.

I left the meeting a bit early, around 2:00 to play a game of go with Charlie Smart that we had previously actually scheduled to occur at that time. Maybe I could actually start playing on a semi-regular basis, but going to squill every Tuesday is sort of annoying. In any event, I actually won. He must have been severly out of practice.

Instead of playing a second game, I headed over to the hub to bug them about getting a transcript to UPenn. They for some reason will not fax an official transcript to anyone (nor accept a faxed transcript) but yesterday some guy in the admissions department actually instructed me to fax a transcript to them. So the hub gave me a couple copies of my unofficial transcript and some coupons for free official transcript orders (not that I'll need them probably, but maybe I could give them to current juniors) and I went to the CS office and paid a buck fifty to use their fax machine.

Goldblatt emailed me saying he wanted to drop off this week's Bensylvania between 5 and 6, so I hung out at the Tartan office for a bit. combinator was around the 3rd floor of the UC looking through the Thistle archives for any sign of Bruce Brachman, author of the late 1970s Tartan comic "Beaver".

At this point in the riveting adventure that was my Friday afternoon, the theme switched to laundry. I'll spare you the seamy details. There was also some random web browsing. Yay, wikipedia.

After a while I headed over to Drew's place to watch Cannibal, the musical. Unfortunately the tape Avi rented was sort of fucked up like 80% through the movie and wouldn't go any further, so I left.

Just as I got back to Morewood I ran into cdinwood+, who informed me that I missed a game of Ricochet Robot just about the time I was at the reading group. Pity. She seems to be seing this Krisp guy or something.

Maybe there will be anime-watching tonight.

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