Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Super busy and productive day.

Morning and early afternoon: saw all the apartments. The first one seemed quite good, we put in an application on it. Good neighborhood, reasonably priced, 3rd (ergo topmost!) floor not too bad of a walkup, dishwasher, plenty of space, adequate division of space, good commute. Only downsides were no laundry (but laundromat not terribly far away), subway not super close (but not too far), and, well, astoria is far from friends and familiar haunts in brooklyn.

Evening: saw a movie named "The Lobster" with akiva and some of his esty-an pals, had a nice dinner with them at Black Forest after. The Lobster was amaaaaazing. I really liked it, even though I was fairly uncomfortable with several scenes. It was just... impeccably constructed. The acting was awkward af, by design, and executed perfectly. It communicated several things obliquely about the constructed world which were fun puzzles to figure out. I could maybe have done without the blood a couple of times, but it certainly wasn't gratuitous. It has Olivia Colman who you may remember remember in her breakout role as Julie in Numberwang. (9/10)
Tags: apartments, movies

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