Jason (jcreed) wrote,

K and I walked down from midtown to Veselka after work; I had some French Toast, she some pierogi. On the way back home, Melissa Elledge was playing accordion at 2nd avenue. It makes me feel just a tiny bit like a Real New Yorker (which, assuredly, I am not) to be like "oh, right, *that* accordion player, that I've seen play at this particular subway station for years, of course I know who that is". Anyway K recognized that she was playing some song off the Amelie soundtrack, and I found out once I'd got home that it was La Noyée. Such nice chords! vi-I-V-ii-III7. Basically the same thing as Mad World's vi-I-V-II except you turn the II into a minor and tack on the III7. Love that minor ii, though.
Tags: music

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