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So the meeting with Frank was cancelled today due to him being inhumanly busy with applications committee work. combinator will yell at me, I'm sure, but I'm still nervous about admissions and stuff. On the one hand, stories about the caliber of people getting "shoe-in" labels leaking from Ann (the applicant had already initiated like five or six research projects, and had synthesized them into a "research vision") don't help any, but really the probability of acceptance doesn't affect my subjective expected value function as much as the bigness of the result involved.
I think I am beginning to notice this as a definite trend in my thinking. The way I think about food allergies works more or less the same way: I don't think about the probability of death so much as the possibility, without weighting. Unfortunate, perhaps, (particularly socially) but it's kept me from having to deal with anaphylactic shock so far.

Went to an Amazon info session. Totally contentless! But I got a shirt. One more day without doing laundry, whee.

Finally, I got some physics homework done and printed out the application for PGSS TAness.

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