October 23rd, 2016

beartato phd

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Discovered that making pancakes with yeast got considerably closer to the Amish diner pancakes I liked so much in Reading Terminal in philly.

I did:
1/3c hot tap water + 1tsp sugar + 1tsp yeast, left alone for about 15m till it got foamy.

Added 1c flour and 2/3 cup milk (warmed up from refrigerator temperature by microwaving 30s), mixed, left alone for about 30m.

Added 1 egg, mixed, fried in pan in about 1.5tbsp butter, 1m on each side over medium heat, made about 3 pancakes.

Texture: quite nice and fluffy on the inside. Outside varied from crispy to sort of papery depending on how much butter stuck to it. Flavor had a pleasant yeasty-bready aftertaste.