September 4th, 2016

beartato phd

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K is still playing hella Chore Simulator 2016Stardew Valley. It's a little bit too tedious in the long run for me, but I feel weird saying that, since I've gotten a lot of enjoyment out of minecraft and factorio. I guess the free-form building of the former and the automation-centricness of the latter are the hooks that get into my brain. Still, SdV is a really big and rich game, I admire it even if I don't want to actually play it for more than a couple seasons.

Attempted to make a strawberry-peach galette --- came out ok, but a little soggy on the bottom. K's parents didn't come over for dinner after all today, but rescheduled for tomorrow, so I might have a chance to take another stab with the remaining leftover strawberries.