August 31st, 2016

beartato phd

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Had some record high-watermark success at making bread that I consider tasty today. As is usual with me and baking, I tend to aggressively simplify recipes because I am incredibly lazy and hate extra steps, or thinking, or work, or anything like that.

So, the Minimum Viable Loaf for me was:
1/2c water
1tsp yeast
1tbsp sugar
about 2tbsp flour, didn't measure carefully
in a bowl, let sit for 10m.

Add 1tsp salt and gradually add 1 1/2c flour --- or, more to the point, enough that after continual stretching and folding-back, it didn't become too sticky to work with. Coat with 1.5tbsp melted butter and leave in a bowl for 90m covered with some plastic wrap.

Baked at 415F for 30m, in some parchment paper, in a random pyrex pan that did not particularly constrain its shape. I also poked some holes in it with a fork in place of the slashing you're usually supposed to do.

Verdict: flavor was quite decent compared to what was probably an undercooked and undersalted attempt last week. More bready, less floury. Crumb was still a bit dense but not too bad; maybe the fork-holes inhibited the in-oven rise. Crust was really good, crispy, not too hard, almost focaccia-like in having a nice subtle greasy flavor. The magic of butter!