July 22nd, 2016

beartato phd

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Mkehrt was in town so we got some ethiopian down in the east village. That is the one food-genre I care about that seems non-represented in Astoria, so it felt useful to get some while I was still in manhattan from work.

Also in maybe-Astoria-is-ok-after-all news, I found a nearby bodega that has a good meat-egg-and-cheese-onna-roll. The one in park slope at 5th ave and 7th street had been my gold standard for I think about 6 years, since the first time I'd had it was before I even lived here, when I was just visiting spoons and copic. The roll itself was the main thing they'd sourced right, chewy but not gummy, and not too dry. For something that nyc does so reliably everywhere, I've been surprised how meh so many of them are. The one I found on 21st st not only has a good roll, but good crispy bacon too, and was not drowning in too much cheese, as has happened to me elsewhere.