June 11th, 2016

beartato phd

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Ooooh so close. Saw an Astoria apartment that tickied most of the tickyboxes, but it did have a very cramped kitchen and no dishwasher and was just on the fringes of how far I wanted to walk to the subway. Plus I am getting cold --- or at least lukewarm --- feet about leaving Brooklyn. The rational calculaton leaves me wondering why I feel so strongly, since Astoria has tons of restaurants and stuff, generally pleasant atmosphere from the amount of nosing around we've done, the commute to midtown is quite decent. It would be a considerably long jaunt back to Brooklyn to ever see Akiva if I wanted to, though, and --- I don't know, it's just hard to shake the feeling of this bit of borough being home, even though I do get tired of all the babies and everything. 6 years is a decent while to put down mental roots.