May 11th, 2016

beartato phd

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Three consecutive days of involuntarily getting <7 hours of sleep from upstairs noise is making me feel really, really shitty. Looked around half-heartedly for another apartment, but it's a bit depressing to realize how many good checkboxes our current apartment ticks off (very, very close to subway, clean, spacious, laundry in-unit) apart from noise-awfulness, and it'll be hard to simultaneously satisfy all those constraints again --- and there's no real guarantee of getting a quiet place, it's just that rolling the dice again seems preferable to staying here. Stuff at work remains interesting, though. The little starter task Sean pointed me to get familiar with the codebase turned out to be not nearly as simple as he though, which I am fine with. Having a meaty problem that involves some tricky design decisions is fun.